What Should You Wear Today?

a collection of inspiration for everyday casual outfits.
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so i don’t really know what i’m doing today yet but here’s the cozy outfit: urban lace dress + aritzia cardigan ☺️


so i don’t really know what i’m doing today yet but here’s the cozy outfit: urban lace dress + aritzia cardigan ☺️

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Anonymous asked: So I bought these very low rise skinny jeans but I don't know how to style them without making my legs look shorter than they already are. Help!

Wedge sandals. Or any shoes that aren’t like completely closed off, you know? Like flats or sandals.

Anonymous asked: How would you style black doc martens for a casual day?

You can wear them with high waisted shorts or skinnies, a black crop tank and a flannel. Or pair them with a floral or lace dress for a soft grunge look!

Anonymous asked: hi i have a father daughter dinner dance coming up and i have my outfit sorted i just need help picking shoes! my outfit is a very pale sky blue peplem style and tucked in a black high necklined string strapped shirt. i have the option of either white or black shoes which would you suggest? ive had mixed preferences from both family and friends ahah

Hmm both sound cute…I think white.

Anonymous asked: im really short (like under 5ft) so I have really short legs and I have no idea what to wear... I'm going to university in September if that adds anything! and I have medium curly hair

Dresses and high-waisted skirts or shorts will elongate your legs. Also, darker wash denim skinnies should as well. Pair them with sandals or pointed flats too!

Anonymous asked: I've got a pair of bright blue skinnies and I don't know what to wear them with or when to wear them

Wear them with basic, neutral color tops so the skinnies will be the highlight of the outfit. You can wear them anytime; I think they’d be fine for a casual look or a more dressy look.

Anonymous asked: School starts here in southern CA soon and I was wondering what I should wear for my first week of college! It's gonna be hot. Thank you in advance for all your help! You're the best!

Short smock dress with sandals. Light high waisted denim shorts, a grey crop tank, and a black kimono with sandals. Crop top with skater skirt and sneakers. Have fun at school!

Anonymous asked: Hi :) do you know where to get casual heels like shoes you can wear to a daily outfit and don't take too much attention..? I want just my legs to look skinnier and to upgrade a normal outfit like jeans and top x

Try some wedges for a more casual vibe! And forever 21, h&m, topshop, aldo, cotton on!

Anonymous asked: So glad you're back! :) I'm going to Disneyland next week, what do you think I should wear? Thanks!

Light denim shorts, a crop tee, and either some converse or sandals!

Anonymous asked: What should I wear for the first day of school? I have brown hair and grey eyes and I like to be comfortable

Black leggings, black sandals, and a loose-knit, thin sweater.