What Should You Wear Today?

a collection of inspiration for everyday casual outfits.
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fab-er asked: Hi there, I was just wondering if you'd ever considered fashion journalism? i adore your blog and i've been checking it out for years haha! I work at a magazine run by youths (because i'm only sixteen!) but i'd love to have your input on some things i've put together, would you be interested in collaborating? x Rhiannon

yea sure! I’d love to! what’s it called? 

Anonymous asked: Hey, I've got a pair of white sneakers. What should I wear with it ?

light wash boyfriend jeans with a white crop top and a flannel or a skater skirt with a cropped tee.

Anonymous asked: need some ideas for work wear! confused...

harem pants or printed trousers with a button up and a fitted blazer 

Anonymous asked: hiii! do you have any style advice for really tall but also chubby girls? properly fitting pants and cute skirts/dresses that actually cover my ass are basically impossible to find and honestly im starting to lose hope :\ please help?

midi or maxi skirts/dresses and maybe boyfriends jeans with strappy sandals

Anonymous asked: What can I wear with a tan leather jacket? For fall, and how to transition to winter?

white or light blue skinnies or over a dress with boots

Anonymous asked: How do you tuck in a shirt, but only the front of the shirt? I just haven't gotten the hang of it, do you have any basic ideas?

I just tuck in the middle of the shirt and fold in the sides to look more natural. 

Anonymous asked: Hi. What should I wear my light blue ripped jeans with? And what about black skinny jeans?

a basic white tee or tank with the light blue jeans and you can wear most anything with the black jeans. They’re very versatile

Anonymous asked: How should I wear a light, cream, somewhat-sheer sweater with lace detail on the back? (For school)

a bralette under it with medium wash distressed jeans and brown sandals

Anonymous asked: Where is the best place to buy high waisted skinny jeans?

pac sun, forever 21 for cheap ones, american apparel, urban outfitters

Anonymous asked: I am starting up my own fashion blog, inspired by this page! And for my first post I was thinking of doing an autumn photo that will be a temporary cover picture. I'm hoping that it will take everything I love about fall and turn it into a work of art but first I need to know, what are this season's biggest fashion trends??? Love you a ton -Your Daily Viewer

awhh thats so sweet thank you so much! and i think cropped sweaters, high waisted skinnies, black booties, cardigans, knee highs ( to transition summer dresses into fall) 

Anonymous asked: What should I wear for for picture day at my school? I have inbetween shoulder and elbow length brown hair, and bluish eyes. Thnx so much!!

A white tank with a floral kimono and high waisted jeans