What Should You Wear Today?

a collection of inspiration for everyday casual outfits.
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Anonymous asked: School starts here in southern CA soon and I was wondering what I should wear for my first week of college! It's gonna be hot. Thank you in advance for all your help! You're the best!

Short smock dress with sandals. Light high waisted denim shorts, a grey crop tank, and a black kimono with sandals. Crop top with skater skirt and sneakers. Have fun at school!

Anonymous asked: Hi :) do you know where to get casual heels like shoes you can wear to a daily outfit and don't take too much attention..? I want just my legs to look skinnier and to upgrade a normal outfit like jeans and top x

Try some wedges for a more casual vibe! And forever 21, h&m, topshop, aldo, cotton on!

Anonymous asked: So glad you're back! :) I'm going to Disneyland next week, what do you think I should wear? Thanks!

Light denim shorts, a crop tee, and either some converse or sandals!

Anonymous asked: What should I wear for the first day of school? I have brown hair and grey eyes and I like to be comfortable

Black leggings, black sandals, and a loose-knit, thin sweater.

Anonymous asked: What should I wear for a six hour car trip? I'll probably go to bed straight after. If ur wondering I have brown hair fairly tan skin and grey eyes

Definitely stick with comfortable clothes then since you’re not gonna be going anywhere except the car really. Maybe some leggings, a loose tank, and a knit cardigan or hoodie.

occursamongstthestars asked: Hey, what sort of shoes should I wear with a black maxi dress in the fall and winter?

Black ankle booties

qraceeeee asked: There's hockey games coming up this tomorrow that I would really love to attend but because I live in Canada it's cold outside but humid in the hockey rink. Quite confusing but can you help me out?!xx

Wear layers! Maybe some white skinnies, a grey tank, and a denim shirt with some brown loafers. And wear a utility jacket or parka over it!

Anonymous asked: Going into 7th grade in Pennsylvania where it will probly be warm what should I wear?

Denim shorts, a printed top and sandals!

Anonymous asked: What should I wear with a black and white flannel? It's for the first day of school and I want to wear something casual, but still looks nice.

Dark denim skinnies, brown sandals, and a black tank

Anonymous asked: I am veiled and I am traveling for about 24 hours and to be comfy but also look nice what should I wear.

Loose or wide-leg printed pants, a comfortable solid top, and a cardigan (if it’s cold).

Anonymous asked: Hello I'm going into 8th grade it's quite cold ( live in Canada) just for details I have long brown hair tanned skin hazel eyes and 5ft4

Dark denim skinnies,  a cute knit sweater, green utility jacket, and boots

Anonymous asked: cant find any black skinnies, any store suggestions?

Forever 21!